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We are sure that work must be carried out by electronic systems, people must receive money.

That's why we offer sophisticated technological and organizational solutions to our customers who provide automation to most business processes.

We program everything from ZX Spectrum to the latest mobile devices, since our programmers have programming experience since the XX century.

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Programming mobile apps

Mobile apps developed by us can be found and downloaded from the Play Store and the App Store.

They are used by many people around the world, and you may also be using our mobile applications without even knowing it.

Imagine, thanks to our developments, you can become, for example, an environmental inspector, without leaving your home.

Agree, it's incredible... But we can do it for you!
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Develop web systems, js and sites

Our patented technology allows you to quickly and efficiently create not only CMS websites, but also real geoinformation systems, analytical web resources and mobile applications that blend harmoniously into a single ecosystem and can provide quality execution of any tasks.

We will not be able to offer you a template solution to accomplish the task.

Everything, from programming to design, we create individually for each client.
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